Empowered Parenting

  • Have you ever felt alone and helpless in your ability to decide how to handle the many situations that come up each day?

  • Have you ever felt exhausted and depleted as a parent because of the emotional pressure to be and do the best?

  • Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I a good parent? Am I doing what’s right for my children?”

You were not given a manual with your child, telling you exactly, step by step, what to do. Knowing the right things to positively influence the children in your life can be confusing.

That is why ‘Empowered Parenting’ was created. ‘Empowered Parenting’ is a vessel for education that fosters knowledge and a provider of community that encourages and supports each other. It truly does take a village! Through stimulating and interactive workshops, those that care for AND care about children, come together in a safe place where everyday concerns about parenting/caregiving can be openly discussed and dissolved.

In today’s fast moving, ever changing world, it is frightening how the very fiber of the family is appearing to become unwoven and morals and ethics in the hands of social media and other unreliable and unfavorable influences. Do not give up! Why? Because the innocent children/young people of the world need you to be educated, aware of options, and to be empowered and confident in your ability to lead them into the future.

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 VIDEO SERIES describing each warning sign and ways to help your child. Also, actual scripts/words/language to use when your child is experiencing any of these warning signs.