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As a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach and Emotional Intelligence/Growth Mindset expert, I help Corporate Leaders, Educators, and Individuals of all ages learn how to maximize their leadership influence through simple, yet proven, powerful leadership skills training.

About Me

“Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.”   –  John C. Maxwell.

We all are leaders. Our influence spans our work place, our schools, our homes, and our relationships. My passion in life is to work with corporate leaders, educators, parents, and individuals to equip, encourage, and empower them to have a powerful positive influence in all they do.

As a previous classroom educator, direct sales top leader, and currently a spouse, parent of 2 and grandparent of 3, all roads have led to my current role as a Certified Coach, Leadership trainer, and speaker.

Every day, my purpose of influencing others to become the best they can become and believe that…together we will make this world a better place.

Leadership boils down to one thing…influence. My passion is to equip, encourage, and empower leaders to transform the world one person, corporation, school, organization, and family at a time.


“Helen helped me discover what my true passion was and how to live it. I would have not been able to do that on my own but am so grateful I worked with her as a coaching client for over a year. I am on the right track and loving my life that is now fill with meaning and significance…thanks to Helen’s ability to totally listen and ask powerful questions that helped me find direction and clarity! While being one of her coaching clients, I also participated in 4 of her MasterMind groups. They elevated my awareness to levels I had never reached. and left me very motivated and inspired.”

Helen was knowledgeable and engaging in her Growth Mindset workshop presentation. I left so much more equipped to praise my students in a way that truly leads to success. I am excited to share my new knowledge with other faculty and the parents so we can consistently encourage the students toward living their potential.

“As the top performer in the company, Helen was chosen on many occasions to be the success speaker at awards dinners and multiple Convention trainings. She not only was proficient at teaching the ways to succeed but also effective at motivating others to action.”

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