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Prepare or Repair

Prepare or Repair

Imagine having the lock down order lifted and you are ready and raring to go. You have crystal clarity and confidence that no matter what, you will succeed. You have spent the last 2 months using the time to fill you head with ‘power thought’ teaching, joined master mind groups, read books online that would support your ‘becoming’. You know that as a country, no matter how inconvenient, scary, and uncertain we as a people have felt, we will not be defeated. Our nation has not only survived in the past, it has thrived. As a people, when there has been a need, that is when inventions and new ideas emerged. Well, now is no different.

  What are you doing with this new but temporary condition of being forced to stay home? You have a choice…you can prepare or repair. You can dig in your heals and grow in multiple ways or you can become lethargic, sluggish, fall into a depression and when the curtain is lifted, repair all the damage that has been created on so many levels.

It is not easy. Our brain strives to protect us from failing. So when we are thrown into a crisis, we can fight or flight. Here are a few thoughts how to fight:

Look at a few parts of YOU. Pick 1 thing you will commit to doing within each that will prepare you for your future

*Physical (For example-“I will go for a walk every day. I will track my steps and set a goal to increase by 20 steps more per day.)

*Spiritual (For example: “I will set my alarm and get up 30 minutes earlier than usual and spend time meditating and journaling each morning.”)

*Intellectual-(For example;”I will pick one idea I can develop that I have dreamed of shifting toward doing. I will research all I can. I will create content in that area.”)

*Emotional- (For example: I will make a list of elderly people that are shut in without visitors, ones in nursing homes and ones in their own homes. I will send off one card a day or make one phone call a day to reach out and let them know I was thinking about them.”

We were created to be forward thinking, growing people. When we become afraid and anxious, we often loose the energy to be productive and optimistic. Fight against that impulse. We are thinking free-will beings that have been gifted with unlimited potential. What if even a small part of that potential was tapped into during this pandemic? We will have won, not lost. Go be the winner you were created to be!

Why I Happily Pay My Life Coach the Big Bucks

Why I Happily Pay My Life Coach the Big Bucks

The most powerful ally I’ve ever had is a man who doesn’t believe half of what comes out of my mouth.

What makes him such a powerful ally is that even when I think all the odds are stacked against me, he knows the only things in my way are my BS limiting beliefs, and my fear of failing. All of my excuses and sob stories are received with a knowing smile and an invitation to see my challenges from another perspective.

Most people misunderstand life coaches. There are probably a few different reasons for this, the first likely being that when we think of the word “coach”, we think of the guy who’s yelling at us to do 20 pushups between laps around the field.

The second reason we misunderstand them is that there are plenty of people calling themselves life coaches who aren’t actually coaches. These people have answers for our problems. They’re experts and they can be very helpful in the areas of business strategy, weight loss, or dating, but they’re not coaches. They’re consultants.

Life coaching is about identifying how we want to change our lives (or change the world) and then moving all the fear and limiting beliefs that block us from letting out our brilliance. In life, there really are no formulas for how to be our most potentiated and fully realized selves. In fact, anyone who says they’re going to give us those kinds of answers is a good salesperson at best and a guru at worst.

I’m not down with gurus. They tend to promise answers to our complex challenges but what they actually do is superimpose their own solutions on to our lives whether they fit us or not. And then what happens is we become dependent on these gurus for answers because we haven’t been developing our own intuition and exercising our own courage. It’s downright disempowering!

But what is truly empowering is having someone with a highly calibrated BS detector who will tell me when they don’t believe the stories I tell myself. There is nothing more helpful than someone with a perspective much larger than my own who, after a one-hour conversation, leaves me wondering how I could have possibly been thinking so small and expecting so little of my life.

Have you ever had the experience of being on a vacation and feeling wild, free and truly alive for the first time in a while? It’s that moment when you suddenly realize what’s really important in life and wonder how you could have ever been so caught up in all the trivialities of your day to day grind.

That’s what it feels like when my coach blows open my perspective. Except I get to experience it every week and regularly put it into practice as I build my life based on my dreams.

Sadly, most people only get to experience it once a year when they take their two-week vacation, and then it’s back to “real life,” where dreams go to die.

In case my message isn’t clear yet, working with a life coach isn’t just a nice-to-have. For me, and for just about every highly successful person I know, it’s an essential. It keeps us thinking big and moving that vision forward.

The first time I paid money for personal growth, the price tag was 5-digits (yes I’m talking tens of thousands of dollars) and the commitment was ten months. After signing up, I remember silently freaking out wondering if it was worth it.

“Couldn’t I just do this on my own? Will I get my money’s worth?” I asked myself over and over again.

What I know now is that the price tag is actually one of the main reasons I got all that I got out of that experience. The price seemed out of my range and that was a good thing because it was the first step in starting a new life where everything I did required me to expand my range. That’s what they mean when they say the magic happens outside of our comfort zone.

I actually transformed every aspect of my life in those ten months and set out on a path that would bring me much abundance, joy, and fulfillment, and I believe I was able to finally make all those changes primarily because of the size of the financial investment I made.

That investment set the tone for how much time and energy I invested in the journey. It seemed to demand my utter devotion to the process. I often wonder, had I not made a significant financial investment, if maybe I’d have just let myself off the hook when things got difficult in my personal growth journey. I think the answer is probably yes.

I consider myself lucky that I was crazy enough that first time to throw down the cash before I knew if working with coaches would even get me anywhere. And I’m especially lucky that my coach today never lets me use the fact that I pay him a lot of money as an excuse to rely on him to solve my life for me.

I was trained early on to understand that the purpose of a large investment is never to buy a coach’s investment in me (because that is already a given). It is to get me deeply, truly invested in myself.

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