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Living the Empowered Life- Equip, Encourage, Empower

Founded in the Philadelphia Tri State area, however, Living the Empowered Life has spread across the country and beyond. Webster defines EMPOWER as “to give power”. In today’s world, we are often affected by something either taking away power or imposing power. The clear intention of LIVING THE EMPOWERED LIFE, is to give power through several different means, so that all who partake may begin on the path towards experiencing new unlimited potential and begin living a life of meaning and significance. Several of the ways this is accomplished:

  • Parenting workshops, seminars, and small focus groups.
  • Individual/Group Coaching  for both Life and Business.
  • MasterMind groups for growth oriented people meet to discuss a leadership or personal growth principles in order to expand their level of awareness.
  • Youth Max is a 4 part series that builds resilience and supports youth becoming leaders of tomorrow.
  • Ready, Set, Launch career mentoring program for high school juniors and seniors and to prepare for transitioning away from home.
  • Keynote speaker/seminar presenter of personal growth or parenting topics that equip, encourage, and empower both individuals and those with influence on children.

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